• Imagine being able to offer your customers and fans real interactive sex with your very own at home sex machine that THEY control from their pc while they talk to you LIVE on ANY cam site you're working!
  • If you're an experienced cam model and you want to set yourself apart from other girls and earn the most per minute then our App and Sex Machine is exactly what you need.
  • With our exclusive, patented technology, we are the ONLY company in the world that allows Models to have true virtual sex with their fans! You will attract more customers paying a premium per minute charge.
  • Letting your customers take control of your very own patented VSEX sex machine from home gives you the ability to charge more per minute which allows you to earn more in less time.
  • Make 40% of whatever per minute charge YOU decide for your customers to use the VSEX machine PLUS you earn whatever you would normally make on the live cam site you are on.
  • You can even let your customers tip you in free chat where they can control the machine and you can hand off control to different customers in free chat as well. Use this feature to greatly increase your tip revenue.
  • You work from home with your own sex machine as we help you build your business. We support our cam girls 100% with ongoing training, marketing and support to maximize your profits using our App and Machine.
  • Imagine your whales getting hooked on being able to virtually fuck you and control your machine to get you off either on your favorite cam site or even through skype sessions where you control exactly what you charge. It's truly an amazing interactive experience that will keep them coming back again and again.
  • Our easy to use portable at home machines are lightweight and built to fit in a suitcase. This means you can take them with you on the road and can work from anywhere there is an internet connection. Take your laptop, camera and machine with you when traveling and set up even in a hotel room so you can always be making money.
  1. Must be at least 18 years old (or whatever the legal age limit is in your local jurisdiction)
  2. A valid official Government I.D. (examples:-Drivers License or State issued ID card (US Models) -Passport (Foreign Models))
  3. Computer
  4. High speed internet connection
  5. Lease your own VSEX at home machine
  6. Purchase dildo's for the VSEX at home machine and other toys
  7. Have reviewed and are able to abide by all terms and conditions set forth
VSEX.com FAQ's

1. What is VSEX?
We are the only company in the world with the technology that allows models to have true virtual sex with their fans on any cam site they are working. Once you lease one of our VSEX sex machines and download our model app you can begin to charge an extra premium and provide a virtual experience that others are not. It doesn't matter what site you work on or even if you run your own website cam or Skype sessions you can use our software and machine with your clients.

2. What makes VSEX.com different?
All cam girls are looking for an edge and something to make them stand out from the rest so they attract more customers and make more money. We have the answer for experienced cam girls. With our APP and At Home Machines you let your customers take control and give them the ability to have a real live interactive sexual experience with you. This gives you the ability to charge more per minute which allows you to earn more in less time and attract more customers with a more unique experience to offer them.

3. Does this cost money to start my at home business with VSEX.com?
We do not charge anything to signup but you need to lease one of our sex machines. Our patented, remote controlled robotic dildo lets your customer fuck you over the Internet. You pay a down payment of $200 and we charge your credit card an ongoing lease fee of $100 per month as long as you use the machine. You can make this amount back in just ONE DAY! With the VSEX machine you will make more than all the other girls for every minute in private and so much more in tips by really setting yourself apart from the regular run-of-the-mill cam girl.

4. Can I return the machine for a refund if I'm not happy with it?
Yes, you can return within 30 days for a full refund. After that if your machine isn't working for any reason, just ship it back to us on our shipping account and we will send you a new one right away.

5. What do I need to get started?
Computer. (Any PC is fine and a laptop is great if you will travel.)
Webcam. (An inexpensive camera. The Logitech Webcam Pro is very good.)
Internet connection. (High speed Internet is preferred.)

6. Do I have to follow a schedule or work certain hours?
No, there are no schedules or minimum hours. You can go online whenever you like, and work as much or as little as you want on whatever cam sites you like including your own site or private Skype sessions.

7. How do I get paid?
Models get paid on the 1st and 15th of every month. We always pay on time with no holdbacks or delays. You can choose from one of these available payment methods:

  • Paxum
  • Check By Mail
  • Other alternative methods may be available upon request

8. What percentage do I get?
VSEX pays out 40% of all gross revenue to models. You ALSO get paid from whatever other cam site you are working on while using our machine and app. With your ability to charge a much higher per minute rate you can make more money by adding our technology to your cam business.

9. Can I choose the size of dildo on the machine?
Yes. With our easy to use attachment you can choose any size Doc Johnson dildo you find comfortable or to excite your fans.

10. Can I control how much and how hard the interaction is with the machine?
Yes. You can not only choose the size of dildo you use with your machine but you can also control the depth of penetration and how often you choose to ride it during a private. You can also set the speed of thrust and spin from your model app.

11. Is the machine portable and can I travel with it?
Yes the machine is both lightweight and portable. It's easy to break down and fit into a suitcase. You can take your machine, laptop and camera on the road with you while traveling. Any place there is an internet connection you can be in business.

12. Can I work for other cam sites while working for VSEX and make additional income?
Yes that's what we are all about. You lease our machine and model app that allows you to have your customers control your fuck machine while you are working on any other cam site, your own website or membership site cam shows, or even Skype shows with your fans.

13. Are you seeking only certain types of girls to start their own web cam business?
Yes! We are seeking experienced cam girls at least 18 years and above. You must be motivated to build your own business and to build a huge profit center for yourself.

14. How does the sign up process work?
The sign up process involves a few steps. Between each step we verify any information you have supplied to us and then let you know when you can proceed to the next step.

  1. Step 1 is to email us at models@vsxlive.com and let us know what site you cam for now. Include a link to your profile on that site, stage name or a way for us to find you. Once we approve you then move on to step 2 by clicking the model signup link.
  2. Step 2 is signing the Independent Contractors Agreement.
  3. Step 3 is filling out your name, address, payout, and login information
  4. Step 4 is to lease your own portable at home VSEX sex machine by contacting us as models@vsxlive.com and we will get you set up.

That's it!

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